FAQ's - And General Gout Health

How much water should I drink per day while on GC®?

Sufficient water intake is essential on so many levels. Proper hydration, for anyone, requires about 30 mls per kg of your body weight (according to dietary guidelines). Therefore an 80 kg person should consume around 2.4 litres per day. If you exercise on that day or its hot weather, then increase it to around 40 mls + per kg of weight or more.

Example: 80 kg person x 30 mls = 2.4 litres per day

As the GoutCare begins to break the uric acid storages apart, the blood levels could rise significantly. It is imperative that you provide enough water to carry this out of the body and avoid allowing it to re-settle and re-crystallize in the joints once again. The herbs are a natural diuretic and stop the uric acid from crystallizing in the joints. For that reason, you must provide the body with an exit to flush the uric acid out with the proper water intake. Please note, your water should be from a non-chlorinated pure source. A viable purification system is well worth considering and will be much cheaper and safer than bottled water in the long run.

It is best to drink the water in small amounts i.e. half a glass of water per half hour, as the kidneys process water better at these levels than for bigger intakes less frequently.

NB: If under attack, drink water during the night as well to ensure the uric acid stays soluble and is continually expelled.

What sort of water should I drink?

Ideally you should be drinking filtered water. Tap water is has a lot of chlorine and other unhealthy elements in it. Chlorine which is standard in most tap water these days can kill the friendly bacteria in the intestines posing even more health risk. NB: Only include water in your daily water consumption calculations, other drinks are separate.

How long should I take GC®?

It is advised to take GoutCare as a daily supplement in the normal dosage of 3 pills per day if you do suffer from gout.
You need to keep the uric acid soluble and expellable to maintain a good lifestyle and eat the foods you enjoy ( within reason again!). If it is working why would you change it and risk another attack or potentially reverse the good work that has been done.

If you maintain a fantastically low purine or alkaline diet you could drop back to 2 capsules per day, but if you want to eat more of those desirable foods then stick with 3-4 capsules per day.

(A point to note is; it seems that every gout sufferer is susceptible to a couple of foods that can set of an attack. Have these in very small doses or avoid them full stop. Remember we at GoutCare can aid and help you maintain a gout free body, but if you have the gout condition it’s wise to live a little on the cautious side.)

Why take GoutCare over prescription medication?

GC® was designed by scientists and doctors using a unique blend of 100 % organic herbs and minerals all of which have natural characteristics to stop gout. Doctor prescribed medicines can have many harmful side effects and consumers were seeking natural alternatives. Tests have shown that taking GC® for prolonged periods of time can drop the uric acid levels in the body giving you your mobility back and stopping the acute pain in the joints. If you want to eat those foods and drinks you’ve been avoiding (within reason) and live life to its fullest again GoutCare is the answer.

Will GoutCare help reduce my symptoms of high Uric Acid levels?

Will GoutCare help reduce my symptoms of high Uric Acid levels?

Can I take GC® while taking other medications?

GC® is all natural so there shouldn’t be any side effects when combined with other medications. We have had many testimonials of customers dropping there prescription medicines altogether or using them in combination with prescription medicines. Remember you are looking at this site to find a natural alternative. Prescription medicines can and do have very harmful long term effect on the body, and many of our customers have reported this also. It is best however to discuss this with your doctor first.

Can I take GC® while having any kind of health condition(s)?

Yes, GC® has no known side effects, it’s all natural herbs and minerals can be taken daily. Again, it is best to discuss this with your doctor.

How long do I need to use GC® before I notice a difference?

GC® responds differently to each individual as we are all different and eat different foods. Our test results indicate you could notice a difference in the first few days while others will need to take the supplement for a couple of weeks to let the ingredients build into their system.

Is GC® guaranteed to work or your money back?

Many other brands informing you of reducing uric acid levels will not guarantee their product due to the inability of not being able to control what people consume, drink and because everyone’s immune systems are different leading to majorly different results. But we say YES. If you have taken our 3 month healing challenge, and at the end of the 3 months of taking GC® daily, drinking quality filtered water and have improved you diet accordingly – if you are not happy with the results, we will refund you the amount of the GoutCare order (see our guarantees sections for terms and conditions).

As above with a balanced diet and a healthy water intake level, we do guarantee that you will feel better taking GC® daily and that you will see improvements in overall joint health and uric acid levels.

Can I take GC® while having an attack?

Yes you can. When you order GoutCare, you will be sent a detailed e-mail covering all this.

Is GC®® FDA approved?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve nor disapprove of any dietary supplements, such as GC®, since it is not within their responsibility. The FDA only endorses pharmaceutical drugs, and GC®® is a blend of natural herbs and food substances. However, the FDA does oversee the manufacturing of all dietary supplements to ensure safety and consistent quality.

I read that some herbs can be harmful or even dangerous. Is there anything in your blend I should be concerned about?

The herbs in our blend were chosen not only for their safety, but for all their benefits. They are all completely safe and promote good liver, kidney, digestive and blood health.

Do Antibiotics affect gout?

It is well know that antibiotics can help set off a gout attack or raise uric acid levels in the body. If you have taken antibiotics recently a good bout of probiotics to help restore gut health is advised.

If I start to get that feeling of an attack or inflammation is coming, what do I do?

Increase each scheduled daily dose to 2 pills per time, and increase your filtered water consumption dramatically to help flush out the toxins. If you can feel an ache or attack coming your body is also letting you know you may have pushed the boundaries a little too far. Make a note of what you have eaten in the last few days, and look to reduce or avoid them In the future.

When is the best time to start taking GC®, and can I take it while an attack is happening?

If you have had 2 or more gout attacks, it’s time to start looking for a suitable gout treatment. Some people have 1 gout attack and never have another, but if you’ve had 2 or more attacks or gout symptoms then you should start taking GC® ASAP. Prevention is the key, and you need to get rid of the uric acid build up in the joints and tissue that has taken years to develop. We would advise to take GC® daily as a dietary supplement if you are a gout sufferer. “Prevention” is the best answer to not having more attacks.

Why doesn't my physician know anything about this medicine?

This is not your doctor’s fault. All medical training is directed to diagnose and treat symptoms, but not how to prevent. Preventative care is in its infancy. Unless your physician is certified in a field of Naturopathic Medicine, then he/she will not be familiar with all natural herbal remedies.

Colchicine and allopurinol are working for me, so why should I take Gout care?

While these drugs can work for some, many people experience a reduction in effectiveness over a period of time. With allopurinol being a synthetic drug and colchicine a poison, your body has a much harder time processing them, often leaving you riddled with side effects. When given the option between all natural improved health and synthetic / poison symptom treatment, we would vote natural every time!

I have had a kidney transplant; can I take GC® GoutCare?

Generally yes, seeing that all the herbs in GC® are supportive of healthy kidney function. We have quite a few clients, under these same circumstances, using the product successfully. We recommend consulting with your physician for monitoring purposes.

I take high blood pressure medicine, can I take the GC® GoutCare?

Yes, we have quite a few customers in this same situation. Adequate intake of non-chlorinated water is a necessity, 30 mls per pound of body weight, which is the daily required amount. Again, be sure to consult your physician for monitoring purposes. Please keep in mind that our product(s) and program target inflammation, HBP is rooted in an unhealthy inflammatory response in the body. Many find that in time they may no longer even need the high blood-pressure medication.

If I have had one gout attack am I likely to have another?

Some people have one attack and never have another. But it is likely you will have another attack within one year. Gout is a progressive condition, and tends to worsen as the uric acid builds up in our system. If you have had 2 or more gout attacks, then it is time to take action as it is likely to be reoccurring unless you eradicate the uric acid build up. This can be achieved by taking GC®, improving your diet, and drinking plenty of flittered water.

Once an attack has subsided, what kind of diet can I expect to eat?

By establishing a healthier digestive system and taking GC® daily, most foods can be consumed in moderation, without the fear of a gout attack. Our herbal blend can help provide stability to the digestive tract. It is imperative that we, gout sufferers, support this stability long term by preserving a good balance of the foods we eat. Our daily diet should be inclusive of largely alkaline ‘healing’ foods, balancing each meal, in order to keep the ‘bad’ foods in moderation. Be sure to consume proper pure water amounts and enough GC® required for your body weight. Take the herbal capsules every day to help expel the excess uric acid that we produce in our bodies.

What herbs are in this product?

Refer the ingredients tab: The herbs in GC® GoutCare are 100% all natural and consist of the following: Artichoke, Saponins from Yucca root, Aged Garlic Powder (allium sativum), Tumeric, and Certified 80% Silymarin from Milk Thistle.

Are there any side effects?

The herbs in GC® GoutCare are beneficial to all walks of life, whether you suffer with gout or not. They can help cleanse the blood, kidneys, liver, lower the bad LDL cholesterol, and even lessen insulin needs of type two Diabetics. Less than 0.5% of people have experienced any negative side effects at all, and the only side effect experienced in that small percentage, has been an upset stomach. If you experience any gastric disruption, simply take the doses with your meals.

I am currently taking allopurinol, do I keep taking this medicine along with the GC®® GoutCare?

We do have customers who use both. Although, most are looking forward to discontinuing the use of allopurinol due to the dangerous side effects, and considering our GC® product in order to do just that. If you are looking forward to stopping allopurinol, please talk to your physician about a plan to wean off of the medication. We have been told that customers are advised to consume both for a week or two, then wean off of the allopurinol over the course of next two weeks. By reducing the amount of allopurinol by 25% every four days, your system is allotted the time needed to adjust to the new natural herbs and allowed uric acid production.
In the long run, allopurinol, which unnaturally attempts to cease the liver’s production of uric acid, will impede the benefits and duties of the herbs. By inhibiting the liver from uric acid production, allopurinol can eventually cause liver damage. The GC® herbal blend can help restore normal liver function, which regulates uric acid production naturally. If you decide to continue allopurinol as well (why if it is not working?), GC® will still be of benefit to you and at the very least, provide essential damage control from allopurinol use.

Antibiotics / Non Aspirin / Prednison

Antibiotics are prescribed to eradicate bad bacteria in the body. Unfortunately, they destroy the good bacteria in the digestive system as well. The bowels are responsible for roughly 30% of uric acid elimination. When adequate amounts of friendly bacteria are excluded from the bowels, the elimination process is inhibited, resultant in even greater uric acid build up. This also impedes the absorption of the herbal blend and makes it increasingly difficult for your body to initiate or retain its healing process.

Should you encounter the need for antibiotic use, we recommend a strict diet, plenty of plain yogurt and other sour dairy products, and sufficient chlorine-free water intake. Consume a high-quality probiotic, such as Friendly Fighters, during and after its use. The probiotic and antibiotic must be taken three hours apart in order to acquire any benefit from the friendly bacteria replacement effort. The antibiotics will have a weakening effect on the herbal blend, but you can remain attack free with some vigilance until a balanced intestinal flora can be re-established.

Avoid products that contain acetaminophen (tylenol, cold medicines, painkillers, etc…) while under an attack. They may prolong the illness and prevent the attack from subsiding. It can also be found in over the counter liquid cold and pain reliever formulas as well as some leading prescription pain relievers. Acetaminophen may cause the gout attack to more severe and prevent a gout attack from subsiding.

It is important to WEAN off of prednisone, particularly after long-term use. This drug suppresses the natural steroidal hormones produced by the adrenal glands. These glands need a bit of time to “wake up” and initiate their routine production. The gradual decrease of prednisone use will allow this instinctive process to develop once again.

The herbs in GC® GoutCare aid to strengthen liver and kidney function. This can help facilitate the repair of any organ damage prescription medicines may have provoked.

A Careful and Healing Diet

Acid / alkaline balance is extremely important to normal physiology. The body cannot tolerate extended pH imbalances very well. The management of the pH factor is so important that the body’s primary regulatory systems (especially breathing, circulation and eliminations) closely regulate acid-alkaline balance in every cell and system of the organism. Thus acid / alkaline balance may be relevant to all sorts of diseases, including but not limited to arthritis and gout, and can negatively impact our ability to heal.

As a society we tend to over indulge in acid-producing foods. When we combine foods improperly, even alkaline-producing food, hyperacidity is nearly inevitable. These imbalances not only strip the body and bones of vital nutrients in an attempt to buffer these acids, but also take away the ability to deal with something as natural as uric acid. You cannot afford to ignore uric acid control. It is imperative that you dedicate your body to healthy and manageable levels.

GC® GoutCare can assist your metabolism to operate as it was intended to. Our mission is to free you from the fear of a gout attack and enable you to ‘have your steak, and eat it too’. It is very important to cleanse any uric acid build up by bringing most uric acid production to a halt. Even if you are not under an attack, a person with gout has uric deposits all over the body posing a threat. See our Gout Stages page for more information.

We offer the product(s) to help your body cleanse the stored uric acid and begin maintaining healthy functioning levels. You can help expedite this process by providing a body environment in which the herbs can be readily absorbed.

We recommend you adhere to a strict alkaline diet for about five days. Providing a healthier body environment will increase herbal assimilation and promote healing. See our gout diet page and stick with food selections of the lower purine diet.

For maintenance and general health after cleansing, 70-80% of each meal and snack should come from an alkaline food source with 20-30% from an acidic protein.

Follow the water instructions above. Elimination is essential, and you must provide the exit support. With increased water amounts, flushing of toxins, and elimination of processed foods full of salt, one should replace lost salts with a liberal use of a good high-quality salt (not table salt) on your fresh foods. Pair this with healthy food sources of potassium to keep both levels up to par while cleansing.

Avoid fast weight loss (especially during an attack ). Purines are stored in fat, and weight loss will increase uric acid production and retention. Fast weight loss, more than 1lb a week, can cause an attack to get worse.

General note for anyone under a gout attack: an increase in the metabolism of the body’s fat cells leads to the production of substances, ketone bodies, which inhibit the excretion of uric acid. This can prompt excessive uric acid release into the blood stream as much if not more than extravagant feasting. Maintaining weight with a good variety of healthy alkaline foods and fats, while avoiding all weight loss is very important. Anything less than 1500/2000 calories a day can make your attack worse.

We would like to thank all who have already experienced the relief that our herbal blend has to offer. Since the commencement of this site, we have acquired numerous letters and testimonials of appreciation.