At Gout Care our goal is to help you get your life back and to stop those painful Gout attacks.

By taking gout care daily and by following some basic ‘gout diet’ guidelines and simple lifestyle changes ( refer the FAQ and Diet section ) we are very confident you too can become gout free.

*Results are not guaranteed and will differ from person to person.

“Hi to you – I am extremely pleased with GOUT CARE. I am on one pill a day and not getting any gout. This is the first Xmas that at this time of the festive season I haven’t had gout, in about four years. I have had a few wines and even a few beers and ham. All the good things that do create uric acid. Amazing. I am highly recommending your product to anyone that will listen to me. Thanking you all again.*
Patrick Donovan

“ I have been taking the Gout Care product for almost a year now and have found it more effective than the Allopurinol that had been prescribed by my doctor. Far fewer attacks and generally less inflammation” .*
Michael Jones, NZ. August 2013

“ Nearly 2 years since ordering Gout Care and no attacks . I am happy I stumbled across your website and gave your product a go. Enjoying a few cold beers again too I might add which would normally be a big no no. Shame the wallabies aren’t as good ! *
John B , Brisbane, Sept 2013

“ I found all the pharmaceutical companies just hurt me and were nowhere as effective. I was in hospital for a double bypass and the info was sent to the pharmacy to ensure that they were not in conflict with any drugs I was on and all that came back was to reduce the blood thinner drugs as these also helped there. It was interesting the other day when I was doing some further reading on Gout I also found it can cause kidney failure, as my kidneys are weak from the diabetes, it became doubly important to ensure my Gout was under control.

Like most people on a pension money is always tight but the Gout care so controls my gout ( with the gout care in combination with the colchicine. ) that instead of being in pain most days (all be it high or low levels) I can get a lot more done.  That’s why after putting up with the low level pain when I was just on the colchicine I knew I had to go back on the gout care and in reality is really the cheapest of all my medications with the best results.  I originally went on the Gout Care because I had suffered months of pain and the traditional medical medicine was not helping me.  ( I would have drunk the proverbial Horse P—s if it would have helped and it was just out of shear desperation that I tried it.
I only brought the 1 bottle originally and the results were massive after only a few days.  In my case I can eat almost anything I like and it is only if I start to feel the twinges coming on, then up the dosage again and mostly it is gone the next day especially if I get onto it quickly.

I have refereed many people to Gout Care and those that can get past the idea that it is just some old fashioned herbs have also had great results.

Thanks for continuing the sale of the product, *
Gene M, Queensland, Australia Sept 2013

“I have been using Gout Cure successfully for some time and it enabled me to go from severe multiple location gout attacks on at least a fortnightly basis to not having one attack over an eighteen month period. I am grateful to you for this relief. I have recommended your product to several of my friends and they have got a similar satisfactory result” . *

Barry, Australia, Sept 2009

“Best product ever for gout. I am ordering it now because I found out it is lowering my blood sugar (I am diabetic) and I would rather take this than more prescription meds or more insulin. *
Michael. S, Sept 2011

Hey big thanks for the first lot, took a week and a half to knock it over but have been gout free ever since, Had the a couple of heavy nights on the booze but followed your advice with extra capsule next day and increase in water intake. So here I am buying more and at this rate will carry on doing so. Once again and especially at the start with the written info you provided. *

Just to say thank you for your product I suffered quite a number of attacks of gout every year. I have been on goutcare for over 18 months and I have not had one attack of gout since. I also have recommended it to quite a lot of people I have met that have the same problem . *

Mike, Australia October 2009

Hi there, just let you know, you have an awesome product. Far better than medication. My wheels are much better, and improving. Had no gout since taking GC.  Many thanks  Galvin. *
Gavin, New Zealand November 2008 

Your site (the information) and your products have been a saviour to my Dad, he has had no gout in the last 3 months since he started the diet and the gout care pills. *
Cindi Queensland July 2008

“Thank you for such an amazing product. My husband Mike has been getting gout for about 18 months, although did have a bad attack many years ago. In the last 6 months, the attacks have become more frequent, to the stage of having one every 1 to 2 weeks. The medication prescribed by his doctor was making him extremely sick and not really helping the gout anyway. Mike is now a bit more careful with his diet, but we still eat a lot of seafood, maybe not quite as much wine though. We are happy to be able to say that the gout is under control. Thank you. GC really has changed our lives. *
Mike NSW Australia Dec 2007

“DEAR People, As a chronic sufferer for a number of years past I can only concur with the raves I’ve read on your site but I can tell you that any hint of a gout attack is gone within a couple or three days and I remain mobile since I’ve been taking your product. Compared to BOTH feet and knees at the same time ! for up to 6 weeks ! you reckon I’m not a happy man. Amazing stuff that water also , thank you again for being there and I pass the info to friends. They want to get shirts printed for the ‘Port Douglas GOUT Club ! ! *
Yours Sincerely,
Ian Creevey, Aus , Feb 2006

“When I read that an acute sufferer was 2 attacks a year, I thought try 2 attacks a month! I run, ride regularly, and still couldn’t stave off attacks after eating a few mussels or a couple of beers. Desperation sent me to the internet after the more drugs I took from the doctors actually made it worse!
Touch wood, I have been pain free for over two months, and to be honest have had a couple of big sessions on the town. No problems. I dont know exactly what is in your pills but CHOICE!! You may publish this and my name if you wish. *
Steve (Waihi Beach NZ), May 2005

“You would be pleased to hear that my brother in South Africa is feeling 20 years younger having been on your medication for nearly three months, now.   Thank you so very much! *
Syd (South Africa),November 2006

“This is my 3rd order! Still gout-free due to this great product. Cannot praise it enough! *
Howard (Caulfield Vic),October 2006

“GC works bloody great no more bloody Indocin, *
Trevor (QLD), September 2006

“Gout Cure is magnificent. Had my uric acid levels tested recently and they were quite low. I haven’t had any signs of gout for a couple of years now. Have recommended to a number of people. *
Brian (Tauranga), May 2006

“Hi just putting in another order we are finding it very very beneficial and when I forget to take the tablets for a few days because I am no longer in pain it lets me know  LOL  bye for now. *
Gene McIntyre

“Still no attacks since that last one 15 months ago so all is good!! *
Mike, Feb 2006

“Great Product. My husband has not had gout for the last year and is taking two capsules a day. He won’t go off them! I presume with everything being natural, this is a good thing and there are no side effects. *
Renate (Auckland), Nov 2005

“12 months ago I was having gout attacks every 3 weeks which lasted up to 6 days. I was on Zyloprim, Colgout and Indocin with no relief at all. I started Gout Cure and persevered with the diet etc. and after 2 months I lost 10 kgs and had only 2 minor attacks which lasted only an hour. This year I have not had an attack and although I’ve eaten things I shouldn’t, It feels great to know that the pain will hopefully never come back.
Thanks for a product that actually works. *
Regards, Terry,
Terry (Penrith) Oct 2005

“I have experienced gout in recent times about six attacks over the past 8 years, as anyone knows who has had gout the first attack puts the fear of god into you. The pain and time to recover are both extremely bad. My father had suffered attacks also and had been to regular GP’s and received conversional medicines. I tried these and found them extremely tough on your system, diarrhoea is one side affect and it take 5 to 7 days to recover. With the herbal GC product I have found no side effects and the recovery time is far better, plus I am sure not doing damage to your system. *
Paul Walker, Director Cell Corp Global, April 2005

“Plenty of water and GC tables, probably 3 to 5 in the first 24 hours then 1 or 2 per day for a few days should control most attacks. I can recommend them to anyone if they have this terrible problem. 
Thank you very much – this is our 3rd order and my father has not had an attack of gout since we started on goutcure. *
Warm regards,
Gillian, March 2005

I just wanted to let you know that since I started using your ” gout cure ” herbal tablets nearly 2 months ago I have been completely pain free for the last month and the tablets are just fantastic!!!! I even had my first steak last week in about 18 months and there have been absolutely no repercussions. I haven’t gone completely overboard as I have taken onboard some of the recommendations such as including some of the suggested ” cure ” foods as part of my on going diet and this is obviously helping also. Thanks again and I thoroughly recommend this product, as like many others no doubt, I have tried other remedies including both natural and synthetic and they don’t compare at all to ” gout cure “*.

Kind regards

Terry (Dunedin NZ), Dec 2004

“Please supply three bottles of Goutcure and charge the credit as you have
done in the past. You will be interested in knowing that I have had no episodes of gouty arthritis or any residual pain in the last 9 months since commencing
GoutCure. *
Kind regards
Mike, Injury Prevention and Control (Australia) Ltd
Mayne Medical School, Nov 2004

“James has had on going health problems since 1994 and in June 2003 starting having acute attacks of Gout every 10-14 days. As a Registered Nurse we arranged for Allopurinol 100mg Prednisone 5 mg and Colchicine .6 mg every day. This sometime only managed to keep the gout to a mild attack. My daughter was in Auckland and found out about a natural cure. We ordered a bottle and James started taking three a day and followed the cleansing diet for a week. He now takes two a day and has not had any more attacks. That is now 6 months and no attacks. THANKYOU *GOUTCURE.
James and Fay (Whangarei NZ), Oct 2004. 

“Great product – was having an attack every 2 weeks and rec’s you pills a week or so before leaving on a holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia – ate everything i wanted (out of necessity) and no attacks since – thanks. *
Mike (Papamoa Beach NZ), Sept 2004

“I have been on goutcure for the past 18 months, at first I thought it was just another “cure” but after struggling with it for the first 6 weeks soon realised that this may just work.
I now do not take any Voltaren tables which I am really happy about. I take one tablet in the morning and one at night after dinner and have had no attacks what so ever. I cannot speak to highly about it – great stuff.”
By the way Mark I now also take one tablet at night as a bit of a preventive and for my cholesterol etc. *
Pieta and Warren (ACT), Sept 2004